What is causing misreading problems on my waste tank probes or sensors?

Misreading problems on waste tanks are caused by two things: Something on the sensor or the sensors themselves.

Tank sensors come in two primary types: probes that protrude into the tank or electronic strips or sensor pads adhered to the outside of the tank. Probes inside the tank use an electrical connection between sets of probes to gauge how full the tank is. Outside sensors use a form of sonar or similar technology to determine the status of the tank.

Unclean tanks with waste sludge, toilet paper, or calcium build-up on the protruding probes are the most common reasons why tank sensors don’t work. That same build-up can also affect outside-of-the-tank sensors as they can’t read the volume correctly.

Electrical problems with the sensors and/or control panel is the second-most common cause of misreadings. This is especially true on older RVs where wear and tear or just corrosion over time causes these elements to fail.

In almost every case, however, sensor problems are usually caused by dirty tanks or their problems started out that way. Kleen Tank’s hydro-jetting system is designed to scrub your sensors clean. Only our process will truly get your sensors working again, if there is no electrical or connection issue.

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