How do I clean my gray water tank sensors?

It seems gray tank sensors work about as well as black tank sensors! The reasons they don’t work are pretty similar: There’s a build-up for waste or other matter on the sensors in the tank, preventing accurate readings.

And while you may not think of your gray tanks as being as dirty as your black tank, it can be especially hard for RV owners to get them clean. After all, very few RVs or motorhomes have gray tank rinse systems (unless added later as an aftermarket option). Also, a lot of RVers leave their gray tank valves open, which creates a problem — water and other liquids slowly seep out, leaving solids behind. Those solids can start to rot (smells) or build up (clogs). Either way, your gray tank soon becomes a problem too.

Our special tank solution — a simple mixture of Calgon, Pine-Sol, and water — will work in your gray tanks too, helping to keep them clean and, in most cases, keeping working sensors reading accurately. Get the recipe here and use it every time you have emptied your tanks. Please note: It works best after your tanks have been professionally cleaned.

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